From controlled access, to environment monitoring till individual rack level management Smart-I data center solutions seamlessly integrates functional areas while improving end-user business efficiency. Our data center solutions reduces cost through standardization, intelligent monitoring by software and continuous product innovation.

Key Features

  • Data center Rack Level Solution

  • Server Room Solutions

  • Data center monitoring software & cloud services


Standalone Rack door controller

Standalone version includes integrated biometrics ,Card & Pin based Single or two Door Rack controller with inbuilt reader, touch keypad equipped with two communication port variants - RS485 or TCP-IP. Supplied with innovative electromechanical swing handle locks and Server Rack Access Control and Alarm Monitoring software this solution makes rack access control user-friendly & distinctly manageable.

Multiple Rack door controller

Multiple door controller comes with fingerprint & card based controller with inbuilt reader, LCD display, touch keypad and is additional furnished with SAM (Secure access module) which efficiently provides security up to 8 racks. Electromechanical swing handle locks, Server Rack Access Control and alarm Monitoring software, lock interface module (SAM) to control front and Back door lock from inside the Rack which in turn is compatible with smart-I Standalone Card or Biometrics Controller make this an ideal solution for your multiple rack access control needs.

smartRDU-AC - 1U Rack Access Control

An intelligent solution for data center Racks, smartRDU-AC offers IP-based ACS integrated remote rack access control monitoring & SNMP traps for critical alarms. With configurable access for front or rear or both doors & two inbuilt Wiegand reader interface this variant offers clever control of physical access to the rack. Server rack Access Control and Alarm monitoring software, electromechanical swing handle locks compatible with any Wiegand Card Reader or biometric readers gives it an added advantage.

smartRDU-EM - 1U Rack Environmental Monitoring

A system for remote monitoring of rack environmental conditions, smartRDU-EM offers IP-based remote environmental monitoring & SNMP traps for critical alarms like temperature, humidity, water leak, intrusion etc. Inbuilt analog & digital channels for temperature and humidity sensors with one water leak sensor input, this IP based variant is a quintessential solution for your environment monitoring needs. Besides this it is also equipped with Rack Environmental monitoring software.

smartRDU-ACEM - 1U Rack Access control & Environmental Monitoring

Providing a single interface for management and control of rack access privileges, as well as environmental monitoring, smartRDU-ACEM is a robust combination of smartRDU-AC & EM which guarantees critical safety & security for your data center ecosystem. Access control system, which forms a physical barrier around your data center protects it from threats while environmental monitoring salvages any loss to hardware equipment all in one solution thus ensuring continuous operation.


Door Interlocking System

To avoid corrosion of data center hardware & equipment it is very important to maintain the sanctity of atmosphere in data center with respect to dust, air & differential pressure. Data center rooms are efficiently protected from such kind of cross contamination by smartDIS - a reliable door interlock system which can be extended up to 8 doors and can be easily configured on-site without us PC or Computer.


smart-I offers intelligent smart card readers & controllers which enhances security through encryption and mutual authentication. Be free from compromised data or duplicate access events with advanced key management systems & intelligent Wiegand output. Proprietary Software support that facilitates to define various kinds of Access management rules – viz. holiday restriction, anti-pass back - and restrictions for devices at various levels – viz. controller, reader. Get hold of actionable reports to increase productivity i.e. access reports, In-Out reports etc. Email and SMS notification can be sent for any configured process i.e. on late coming which in turn can be verified from CCTV captured event as well.

Access control with CCTV integration

By utilizing smart-I access control and CCTV camera integration technology, it is possible to capture video or still images of an individual at the exact instant they attempt to gain access to an area with their ID card, fob, code, or other form of authentication. Such kind of virtual surveillance seamlessly provides

  • Single platform to manage access and alarm events along with associated video viz. intrusion, fire etc.

  • Remote monitoring, video playback, and door operation.

  • Text and e-mail alerts for real-time notifications.

  • Event triggered recording against access transactions to track tailgating or piggybacking.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental factors like heat, humidity, air-pressure, smoke and water leakage can be equally devastating to IT equipment, and thus to a data center’s operation. Identifying air pressure & temperature differences that could lead to hot aisle/cold aisle partition leaks is efficiently managed by our DPMS & integrated sensors equipped in the controller. TempTracker, the Multipoint temperature scanners and loggers with wired and wireless sensors, ensure accurate & reliable mapping & monitoring of data centers. TCPIP & GPRS network capability ensures very effective centralized monitoring of multi-location data centers. Wireless enviroPDL, smart-I’s first data logger that measures and transmits Temp/RH data to master unit at preset interval and during deviation instantly records and sends alarms for corrective action which is addressed through iAM or a notification is sent to mobile app.


Data Center Monitoring Software

  • E-surveillance

  • MODBUS for integration with BMS

  • SNMP alerts for critical alarms on system administration software

  • Dashboard for quick alarm monitoring

  • MIS reports for various parameters and filters for analysis and action

  • Email & SMS alerts

iAM CMS Cloud Services

  • iAM CMS - Entire safety ,security and efficiency monitoring of Data Center Room & Premises will be remotely and centrally managed by Cloud based iAM CMS Services

  • Real time notifications on mobile app, SMS alerts helps logistics facility mangers to take timely and proactive actions on issues related to critical alarms

  • Weekly/monthly MIS of temperature mapping and monitoring reports, energy analysis helps management to analyze on corrective actions to maintain facility as per GDP guidelines while ensuring energy bills in checks

  • iAM helps Data center managers free of worries from data center facility monitoring & thus they can focus on their core business activity



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