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smartXS NG plus is a premium category 4 Door 8 Reader Access Controller, as fast and as efficient in all functions as the best in the market in this category.Better in fact, in some ways.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The Processor:- Its 32 bit processor make smartXS NG plus a much faster and more efficient controller in all its functions at par with the other controllers in the premium category. Much more cost effective too.


  • MODBUS:- smartXS NG plus has MODBUS connectivity option for integration with third party BMS (Building Management System).


  • SNMP alerts:- SNMP alerts for integration with IT System Administration Software for monitoring critical events ie; Door left open, unauthorized access attempt, power fail and battery low alerts, etc...


  • Alarm Management Software Module:- CCTV/IP Camera integration with Access Events for security audit or to verify/identify tailgating, made effective by Alert based network protocol.


  • Power fail and Battery lowalerts:- Alert is sent to admin for power management/arrangement in the Battery Low situations which helps in implementing the utility of both the lock conditions, 'Fail Safe' as well as 'Fail Secure'.


  • Inbuilt Web Server:- smartXS NG plus can be managed remotely through inbuilt web Server using any web browser.


  • 4GBSDMemory Card:- Mirror image of device configuration and data.


  • Door Interlocking:- smartXS NG plus has inbuilt configurable door interlocking facility for clean environment so vital in sectors such as pharma, datacentre, etc..


Technical Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Model no. SMNG440
Applications Access Control System
CPU ARM 32 Bit RISC Processor
Memory 4GB SD and 8 MB Flash
No. of Doors 4
Number of Readers 4
Events/Transactions 4,00,000
No. Users 1,00,000
Web Server Yes
Door Interlocking/Man Trap Yes
Global APB Yes
SNMP Alerts Yes
MODBUS Protocol Support Yes
AC Fail/Low Battery Alert Yes
Reader Interface Weigand (upto 34 bit)
Input 12 inputs
(4-Door Status, 4-Egress, 1-Fire & 1-intrusion and 2 Extra input)
Output 12 outputs
(4 - DOTL, 4 – Lock, 4 auxiliary output)
Communications Port TCP/IP,RS485
Protocol TCP, UDP, TCP Push, UDP Push, SNMP, Modbus
Fire Integration Yes
Intrusion Integration Yes
LCD 16X2 LCD Display
Keypad 4X3 Key with soft keypad
Baud Rate 9600bps (Default)
Controller ID Upto 10,000
Language English
Power Supply 12 V DC/ 5A
Enclosure Industry Standard Metal Enclosure
Mounting Din Rail (without Metal Enclosure), Wall Mount (with Metal Enclosure)

Access Control Features

Facility Code Available
Time Zone/ Access Levels 63 + 1 (Free Time Zone)/Unlimited
Time Zone Slots 4 slots per Day
Anti-Passback Hard, Soft, Escort (Reader Wise),Global
Holiday Settings 42
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