Contrary to conventional security systems, Smart-I retail solutions provides powerful security platform that integrates business critical applications like access, shift management, alarm management, fire alert, shop lifting control, energy & environmental monitoring. The technology therefore allows to remotely manage security and administrative tasks across multi-location retail chains.

Key Features

  • Security & safety solutions

  • Business Efficiency

  • Centralized monitoring services


Employee Access

The single greatest threat to security are the retailer’s employees - especially the ones on the front lines; different groups of employees have different access needs. In addition irregular staff may malign the brand image of a retail outlet not to mention the added fear of theft & vandalism. Smart-I through its integrated solution offers controlled access through entry and exit and provides solution that acts as a deterrent for cash counters, storage rooms, back rooms & vault rooms of high value retail stores & its warehouses.

Time-Attendance Solutions

In addition to physical systems - viz. biometric readers and card readers - smart-I offers fully integrated time & attendance software – smartATTENDANCE - which exports precise attendance data to any payroll software such as SAP, ERP, Tally or any Third Party payroll system without any or minimal manual intervention. Also integration of access control solutions with CCTV surveillance adds a thorough benchmark from an internal deficiency which matters a lot in retail operations namely – Employee Conduct.

Intrusion Detection System

Smart-I Intrusion detection system is distinguished by its reliability of functions and easiness of use, with solutions to meet all your needs. The intrusion alarm averts major break in during business and no-business hours. It detects intrusion from any out of view entry points and sounds local hooter. A notification is also sent to CMS and on the Mobile App for end user.

CCTV Surveillance(iAM services)

Smart-I offers a single integrated platform with modern and advanced video-surveillance system, developed in IP technology. It captures event based images and sends at CMS for analysis and action. Video surveillance also monitors health of surveillance systems and alerts the CMS in case of hard disk failure, no video or blank camera. Reduce shoplifting & employee theft by getting high-definition images of all activities across the aisles & retail peripheral areas. Also functions like pallet delivery, housekeeping & shelf stacking can be efficiently monitored.

Fire Alert

Equipped with conventional smoke detector, hooter/horn and manual call points our integrated platform provides an exceptional fire alarm system that helps you secure your retail assets & employees in advent of the fire calamity. In addition to that our CMS services remotely and continually monitors threat through the fire alarm system and thus in case of alarm immediately contacts QRT or local authorities for immediate action.


Temperature Monitoring

It is of prime importance to maintain regulatory temperatures at earliest stages of retail food chain. This helps in inadvertent inventory damages of perishable & frozen foods and thus helps in greater safety and compliance. Smart-I offers multi-point temperature/RH scanners & loggers with wires or wireless sensors which help in reliable monitoring of retail outlets and its entire distribution channel. This is further integrated with data records and alarms for corrective action.

Energy Monitoring

With huge energy consumption due to HVAC, DG & basic utilities energy monitoring is all the more important for retail outlets & its distribution centers. Time stamp recording of all energy parameters such as active energy, active power, current, power factor, voltage, for online historical analysis and reporting has become a prime importance to save your energy bill, whilst delivering bottom line savings from effective energy management solutions. Smart-I offers PowerTracker & DGTracker which efficiently helps you optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency.

Footfall counting

Retail stores are dynamic environments with ever-changing customer behavior so people counting is vital for retailers to know the exact number of visitors, which turn in buyers. With accuracy up to 98% our footfall counting solution offers actionable data which helps you bench-marking businesses, figuring out the conversion rate for each spot to see the real performance.


  • smartINTEGRA Panel for integration of several electronic devices in the branch for intrusion and Fire event alarms, access control, attendance, power management and DG monitoring, etc.

  • This truly single Hardware integrated solution ensures maximum Throughput at Minimum size.

  • smartINTEGRA with CMS connectivity is the best possible solution to ensure safety and security of retail outlets & warehouses 24x7


iAM CMS Cloud Services

  • iAM CMS, Entire safety ,security and efficiency monitoring of Data Center Room & Premises will be remotely and centrally managed by Cloud based iAM CMS Services

  • Real time notifications on mobile app, SMS alerts helps logistics facility mangers to take timely and proactive actions on issues related to critical alarms

  • Weekly/monthly MIS of temperature mapping and monitoring reports, energy analysis helps management to analyze on corrective actions to maintain facility as per GDP guidelines while ensuring energy bills in checks

  • iAM helps Retail store managers free of worries from warehouse facility monitoring & thus they can focus on their core business activity



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