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smartALARM is a Desktop based latest Alarm Management Software specially designed to monitor any High security where security is very crucial. This software has unique features of configuring various parameters for raising a alarm. Software has complete monitoring system, as its work on real time data. Software has various features which make it a unique and robust monitoring software like:- Alarm configuration for any events, Site Map upload facility, Door/controller can be defined on map, Alarm Indication on map, SMS/Email sending for any Alarm, CCTV/Camera Integration, Alarm acknowledge/Reset, etc.

Key Features

  • Site Map Configuration:- Any location/site map can be uploaded in smartALARM Software for tracking of different kind of alarm. The Map file format can be png/JPG/JPEG. It's a very user friendly facility where any person can see that which part of the building/site alarm has raised.


  • Door/Controller Indication on Map:- After uploading the location map we can define the Controllers & Doors. It's a very user interactive layout to create/define doors/ controller on map by one mouse click. We can add name, description and other details of the doors/Controllers.


  • CCTV Integration:- Door monitoring are the common practices these days through CCTV camera for any unauthorized entry, Proxy Attendance, Any criminal activity on the door, etc. We have integrated CCTV Camera and DVR (Hikvision) with our smartALARM for capture those images and it will store in database. We can view the images with complete details of alarm. Admin can also see the live stream of CCTV camera for every door.


  • IP Camera Integration:- As IP Camera is the new trend in security and CCTV industry so smartALARM equipped with common platform integration for IP Camera with Mindtree Software. It gives flexibility for end user to use any known IP Camera (Sony, Samsung, Pelco, Panasonic, Hikvision, Vivotec, Digisol, etc) without changing software. So whenever any event will occur on door image can be captured and same can be viewed with all other alarm detail.


  • SMS/Email Sending:- In Any alarm management system alarm information delivery to the right person on time is the crucial part. smartALARM gives flexibility to send SMS/Email automatically in case of alarm. smartALARM will integrated with Bulk SMS packages for sending SMS and it will be integrated with email server for sending emails. Various no. of mobile No. and Email ID can be defined.


  • Who, When and Where (Employee Tracking):- The feature is very useful if user's current location need to identified. Its very simple to locate a users current location, as smartALARM can show the three previous location of users. It is very use full to track visitors or, contract employee or, it can be used in case of any emergency.































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