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Multi layer Security Safe with embedded Biometric Access Control

Key Features & Benefits


  • Multi Layer Security for the Safe (Key A + Key B + 2 Fingerprints:- The Safe with inbuilt biometric fingerprint controller as well as two conventional locks (Lock A & Lock B) & Keys. To open the safe, first the two locks are to be opened with their keys, A & B. Thereafter two authorised users have to place their fingers on the reader one after the other. Only then does the door open.


  • Dual Authentication:- smartSAFE works in the Dual Authentication Mode. It opens the doors only when two authorized officials place their fingers one after the other, thus increasing the level of authentication.


  • Door Left Unlocked Alarm:- smartSAFE gives an immediate alert/beep if either Lock A or Lock B is not closed. It elimates the possibility of the door being left unlocked i.e the first layer of security not being in place.


  • Duress Alerts:- If an unauthorised person forces an authorised person to open the SAFE at gun point, the latter can place one of his other fingers, designated as a duress finger, which will open the door but at the same time send a silent alarm through the GSM Dialer to ADMIN/Security personal for emergency response.


  • Power fail and Battery Low Alerts:- An Alert is sent by SMS through the GSM Dialer to admin for power management/arrangement in the Battery Low situations to ensure continuity.


  • Stores Logs For Security Audits:- Devices Stores all the transactions logs for any future Security Audits.
Technical Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Model no SBL30-AC-smartSAFE
Applications Access Control for SAFE


CPU 32 Bit RISC ARM Processor
Memory Up to 8 MB Flash
No. of templates Up to 1900 (1:N)
Sensor High Quality Scratch Resistance Optical Sensor
Finger Score Display Finger quality score at the time of finger registration
Communications Port TCP/IP
LCD 16 * 2 Alphanumeric
Keypad 4 x 3 Numeric Keypad
LED Bi-color LED Bar
Sound Various sounds indication
Power Supply 12 V DC/ 2A with Battery Charging Facility


Type Optical
Image Resolution 500 dpi
Enrollment Time <1 sec
Verification Time <1 sec
Authentication/ Identification 1:1& 1:N (User Groups facility for faster verification)
Identification Time (1:1000) 1 sec
Template Size 384 bytes
EER <0.1%
FAR 0.001%
FRR 0.1%
Image Size (pixels) 272 X 320
Sensing Area (mm) 16 X 19

Ordering Information

Model No SBL30-AC-BIOsafe
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