Solution for Retail Industry

For Multi-Location Attendance Management from Central location of Retail Chains and Branches


The requirements of Multilocation Attendance Management are different from those of single location attendance management. smart-i BIOlite NG has been specifically designed to address these special needs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multilocation Centralised Attendance Management:- Accurate monitoring of attendance, simultaneously at hundreds of outlets in the Retail Chain, or multiple branches such as those of banks, with relevant checks and analysis, is possible with the smart-i Multilocation Attendance Management Software.


  • OTP (One Time Password) to Access the Device:- To better manage fingerprint enrollment and date & time of device at remote locations of Retail Chains, or bank branches, from a central location. The incidence of proxy attendance, if any, can be avoided with it.


  • Random Attendance Paging:- To ensure continuous attendance during the day. It thus helps Retail Chains ensure better and prompt service to customers.


  • Push Data Mechanism:- To download data frommultiple locations to the central server.


  • Useful MIS:- Wealth of MIS reports for Audit and Analysis, Periodical as well as Real Time, are available on Private and Public Cloud to the management.


  • Complete online Attendance Management:- Online Attendance/Leave/Shift management and checks from anywhere/anytime.

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